BREXIT: The truth, the beauty and the ugly of the most important word in today UK!
The referendum asking the peoples of Britain to decide if they were wish to remain or leave the European Union with a shocking results that has change the shape and the face of the UK politics as well as the rest of Europe by jump in a darkest moment for the world of politics ...
Rumors, somebody will say while truth other ones reply but how about the truth, was the referendum manipulated with false information? 
Are the consequences really what who voted leave was expecting?
While the negotiation between London and Brussels keeping trying going on, in UK the cruel reality of the consequences of that results starting coming out, financially, economically and as life quality.
Millions of Eu citizen living in UK and UK citizen living in Europe still are waiting about their future, while many Eu citizen are already starting leaving the UK for a better stable country in Europe for their future, in UK some sector starting feel the bad consequences of such emigration back to Europe with NHS at the top of the list with nurses are desperately wanted while A&E of some hospital are starting close in the night and the week-ends for lack of doctors and nurses.
We wanted, after seeing what's going on around the country and how the result of the vote has affect some sectors of the national industry, would all, or, at least, some peoples that has voted for the "leave" would still keeping the same idea and voted for leave still today with the increase of the cost of the life due the collapse of the GBP and for the chaos in the political British world between difficulty negotiations and secessions threading the shape of what was a Great Britain?
We will going around to asking as many peoples possible and come back as soon possible with some result and we hope that our effort does worth your expectations! 
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Our Poll  - We have been asked to some peoples about the referendum on the Brexit and our attention were only forward to the ones voted for the "leave" and we still do it but in the main time we would like update with the results we got already. I must admit that with our great surprise and due the fact of the financial situation in Britain and due the fall of the GBP we were sure to see something different instead we got, and will say again, so far, we got a results much different to what our logical thought was dictated to us; but anyway here what we have archive so far from peoples that has voted on the referendum of the June 2016 on the Brexit and asked:

"If today will be another referendum on the Brexit would you still vote for the Leave?"



NOTE: This poll is still going ... to be update!
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