Weston Super Mare - Introduction: The Two Face of the Same Coin!  
Weston Super mare is a beautiful place, got an amazing modern Grand Pier, a Big Eye (that will put down during the winter as I believe nobody would like to go five floor high in the middle of Hurricane (metaphoric speaking) but still in the winter without the sea-front attraction, Weston Super Mare still offering a range of a perfect holiday, would it be for a day, a week or just a week-end, where the Amusements and the large number of Bars and Clubs can you provide with enough music, fun and booze and the show, often during the week-end, are the best you can dreaming where many peoples, doesn't matter if male, female or in the between can provide for the joy of your eyes, about just after 1am or 2 am with some shameful show (I wouldn't ruined the surprise). 

The writer here is living in Weston Super Mare, love this town and hope that one day everything may became the dream that, peoples like me got inside, of a town of joy, harmony and love other then what we are witness these present's days.

Ok, dreaming is free but the reality isn't so delight free, unfortunately!


Because, despite the small numbers (compare when I first arrived here near 20 years ago) of peoples that are still able to clubbing during the weekends, despite the financial horror that has come over us all around the globe, there is another reality in Weston Super Mare that's hide on the front of our eyes...

In fact, there is a world where poverty, humiliations, addiction and hanger move like magma under the earth surface! 

What you see in the left picture of this article testimony some fact about the turmoil we living today in our Town, High Street and I believe in other parts of England in general but not always the matter is like what you see ... 

Our promise is to bring you the truth, only and exclusively the truth doesn't matter how hearting or ugly it may be but remember knowledge is power and as far you know what's going on you will be able to have an edge on whoever or whatever want you to be blind and move and act like and alienated unable to see what's going on right on the front of your sight.

 This is how the recession still hitting Weston Super Mare
Pictures from Weston Super Mare High Streets testify the negative tendency of the financial clime where more and more shops keeping to be force to close due the claustrophobic financial atmosphere we breathe these days!
Above, the desolation over the High Street in the Town (full report coming soon)!
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