From Panama Channel to the Hell

While I was interested in the history of the channel of Panama, I was flabbergasted to read the full events that have rotate around it.

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President, was behind the scene of what was everything other then a simple geographic project.

In fact, during the 1901, the President with a genial and professional politico’s intelligence, manage to close a deal with the Columbia as the territory where the channel were planned to be constructed was under the Colombian flag.

Then an unforeseen event change the dynamics of the all plan; the Columbia decide, by proud or deep consideration, to retreat the deal and to keep the entire area for them-self and here come the beauty with the superb intelligence of Theodore R. that with a tactics and strategy plan that has been used threw the years till our days, actives and support a rebellion of the peoples of Panama to obtain the independence from the Columbia that went well and the U.S.A. created the state of Panama and finally the creation of the important construction of the channel that was of an immense importance as it was made possible to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean by avoided the circumnavigation of the south-America.

Because what go in come out, few years later, in the late 80s, the General Noriega will try to take back the control of Panama to give to the Panama’s peoples what in his opinion was belong to them, but that will cost him a series of charge as narcos, for traffics cocaine in the U.S.A, by the DEA where he will be finally be arrested after he try to take Asylum to the Vatican Embassy in Panama (but for the full story we will be back again in the future by analyze the entire story under the lent of the microscope just a little curiosity, the invasion of Panama was condemned by the NU with a large and overpowering vote of 75 vs 29 but eventually, the rules worth different when the U.S.A. are involved plus the vote was very well covered by the media).

Noriega, after been very close to the U.S.A. with close contacts with the CIA that at the time where under the direction (guess?) of Bush Senior, will be use the diplomatic channel to allowed large quantity of Cocaine in the U.S.A but, we know, when things doesn’t going accord to the CIA plan, then, well, you know the answer.

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