From Panama Channel to the Hell 

The same will apply to Pablo Escobar, that, again, while traffics with cocaine he grow as much money to help the poor peoples of his Country and in fact, he will try to give the Columbia to the Columbians and he went very close as he manage to seat even in the Columbian Parliament but he will not have time to stay seat even five minutes and been expelled for his involvement with the communists guerrillas, he will pay with his life thanks again to the great support of the U.S.A. threw the DEA with the charge to import Cocaine in the United State of America.

Again, same story to Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia (where Che Guevara will lose his life) will face the same destiny (without mention the Watergate scandal), different argument will apply to Cuba where Fidel Castro (also thanks to the strong support of the Soviet Union) will manage to keep Cuba after been subvert the American's puppet government.

Today, the same strategy has been used to subvert state leaders like Gheddafy, Saddam Hussain, Mubarak with great disaster by destabilization the entire area in the Middle East and North-Africa without count the fact that their interferences with intend to take control of the via of the opium and oil after acquired the via of the cocaine in the south-America but here all the gain the birth of ISIS that it is more then a simple problem.

The fail in Vietnam and the winds of war around like a been in IRAN in the 1979 showing that or there is a great plan after all or they are other then incompetents also very stupid!

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