What really happen over the U.S.A. skies on the 11 September 2001?

We have sectioned frame by frame to a documentary from the National Geographic Channel, one that wasnít available ten years ago, we want trust the genuine honesty of the journalist that works for such firm and we donít question their professionalism but we come out with some shocking surprise. We aren't in any shape or form presume or assume anything but we leave to your own judgment what we have discovery.

We only do that in the memory and respect of the thousands of innocent victims of ...
... evil human mind!
Its very hard try to write, analyze or add any words to an event that has made graven in the history of the entire humanity but unfortunately sometime, things must been done and even if it does became very hard, as said, unfortunately its must been done and here we are with this sequences (anyway, we apologize for the quality of the image given in the above sequences but we presume, as it's looks unfortunately, that the poor quality is due to the fact that, supposedly, the original video where the frames has been extracted, it is nothing else that a bad (or probably the digital tools available years ago weren't so good as these days) attempted to make up something that wasn't really there as an airplane of such massive and heavy body like a Boeing cannot disappear into a skyscraper like a the images showing above but as said, we leave to you any sort of comment, sorry again for the quality of image but we decide that be manipulate them to give some make-up to looks better, it was became an attempted to altering an original material and then, we were, became, arguments and matter's of questions and that's what we really try to avoid by keep a position of impartiality and stay faithful to what's our promises and our duty to provide to the public the fruit of our job as Journalists, Blogger and Investigators at same time. 
Thank you!

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