The birth of a new kind of western movie The Spaghetti Western ...

In the late 60s and threw all the 70s, a new type of western movie was introduced by the great genius of Sergio Leone (which will impose his skill in some other themes of different movie) together with the great music of Ennio Morricone, will lunch a different new western movies, The Spaghetti Western. The genres will take such a name because of the Italian origins due the locations, actors, directors, sounds and music. In fact, after the myth of John Wayne and all the western made in US studios, for the first time western's movies will shoot in Italy with almost Italian actors, that, thanks to this new genres of making western's movies, we will see future movie's actors became famous like, Franco Nero, Clint Eastwood just to mentioned the first ones come out right now in my head, and obviously many more. The movies became straight away, box office bust, by give the born of a new kind of western's movies, not just because the Italian's hands but in general, the atmospheres, the costumes and the direction of a sacred monster like Sergio Leone, will inspiring in the years to come, more Italian's directors following the same themes by revisited the identical atmospheres which will survived till our days, where, the influence of the Spaghetti Western, is impress in modern box office like the recent Django with Leonardo Di Caprio, just to mention one. 


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