We are a movement represent three millions about of poor souls like the EU Citizen living in UK left in a “limbo” of uncertain moment in life with consequently increase of depression and anxiety with many forced to leave their jobs or with severe mental health issue for them and their family and children with the only guilty to believe in a country that should be a land of justice, equality and fair land as when they arrived here they where free citizen belong in a vision of an Europe Unite and free of movement for study, working and personal reasons.

Unfortunately the reality has change, thanks to a campaign pre-referendum based on miss-information and fear with a consequence that now the EU Citizen aren’t anymore free citizen with the UK Government that has broke in the promise of a fair land of respect for Human Rights as not just be trampled but even more severely disgust rebuke in what should be a respect for Human lives.

The PM that has fight against the House of the Lord (that was suggesting and voted for a more human amend to give the EU Citizen that were working, living and have a family in UK for so many years the right to stay and keeping going with their life, by rejected the amend and decide to use EU Citizen life as meat to trade other then have some sort of respect forward to them as human being and not chips on a poker table; she also said that she is a daughter of a Vicar and that she’s a Christian and going every Sunday in the Church to worship the Lord and pray every morning and every night but the question is, what’s here Christianity made of or come from?

Definitely it is not the one from Christ that’s for sure!

We find the all lot a disgusting and miss of respect forward Human Rights and Human life and we are here to fight for what are our rights!


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