On Referendum take on  the 29th June 2016 the British peoples, exceptions for North Ireland and Scotland, decide to vote leave EU on an historical unprecedented decision with a majority of 52% against the 48% that has decide to remain. The turnout of the electoral poll was of 72% (NOTE: A quire of 75% is normally required for a referendum to be approved or a 60% of votes in favor to the vote is required for a referendum to be validate as a democratic and legally approved as a result). Jubilation and excitement take over all the country (England plus Walsh to be accurate)  where people believed that a new era was coming for the UK to retake all the shining and splendor of the all victorious time of the Empire!   
Today, unfortunately, the situation is far away from the most optimistic view 
and expectation, with a sever and real more than concrete risk of secession of Scotland that's push for a second referendum on independence and with a more crucial a delicate matter of the board between North Ireland and Ireland after over thirty years of peace that seems, at this stage, on a very great threat.
If all that, per se, is not enough, we are experiences a bit of flavor of what's coming in the near future when the negotiation between UK (?) AND EU will end with price raises already, together with taxes, expenses in general and more like the chaos in the NHS, many EU Citizen that have already left to go and living in a better place in Europe by starting give a watering mouth to the dreamers of Brexit, or if you like Brexiteers as they are called these days, with the picture of what will be a country with his own, England, without anymore low - cost European workers, with taxes on products that has already affected the domestic retails that have lost between 1.8% and 2% only in the last curter while in the main time the wages has stabilize without take count of the inflation and in same cases even reduced as businesses owners cannot keeping going unless they do not cut some expenses that, against the rises of the products, what's left are the wages. 
In this already chaotic and apocalypse's like, as it it with its own wasn't just enough, there are 3 millions of Human Being, life, the EU Citizen living in UK with anxiety and not anymore clear future but the same as the ones that's the global community protecting against injustice, persecutions and more under the umbrella of the "Human Rights"  that's seems been forgotten as such, put on a plate for trading without any respect for what they represent, Human Being! 
Now, with the General Election called across the UK, looks like another good excuse to put apart those 3 Millions of pieces of meat for the right time they will be, eventually, come useful in time of negotiation against the EU for the final exit of (what be left in our opinion) of the UK from the European Union block without account that they are life and not precious metal to take in place when needed. Now, our argument is: "Where are the Rights of those peoples now?" Why, everybody think that's ok to leave peoples in such "Limbo?" 
Now, as a picture come to some sort of better view, we would like asking to the peoples of Britain that have spend time, worked together as have a nice relationship with a EU Citizen neighbor, where you stand? How you feel about all that? 
This page with the site is still under construction as we waiting for some volunteer to be able to editing the articles but in the main time we don't see why we shouldn't publishing the pages of this sites as it is for information only and we believe, even if it isn't written by some Professor from Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard University, it is still enough good to make sense while be read, so, thanks for understanding and apologies for any inconvenient accursed. Thank you!
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