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The Story of our Logos
Lady Who is our Logo! It has been the illucido.com website logo for all the time despite the changes that the site has gone threw in the past years.
It wasn't matter a lot if the website was change design, color, format, contents or owners; Lady Who has always represent the symbol of this site and we will honor the longevity of our lady by give her the privilege to represent us in all this time as our proper and official logos.
How the logo and the name come out!
True event - The name, that’s ridiculous as funny to be, did come out while I was design this site, many years ago by now and my son, that at time was only four, asked me “daddy, who’s that?” I didn’t get what he asked and as I was design the Logo, said, Lady Who? And he starting saying “Lady-Who … Lady-Who …” He was so funny that then I say why not, I am crazy, designing a crazy site and why not, let make a Lady Who so I ending by put the exclamation-mark on her hands and in the time I must admit, due the nature of the site, it cannot be a better logo.
Tribute to Hugh Hefner 
Hugh Martson Hefner was an American business man that founded the Playboy Magazine in 1953. He was the editor in chief until his dead happened on the 27th September 2017. 
We would like remember the man that has make many boys dreaming with his magazine here with a tribute and a big thanks for his creativity and for be able to live a life that many of us can only dream!
Well done Mr. Hefner, we will never can forget about you! R.I.P.

As sad we are to see gone one of the most famous magazine for men in the history, after the dead of the founder and chief-editor, Hugh Hefner, we would like remember with the picture of the last issue of PLAYBOY. 
The choice for the last cover of the last issue has gone to Pamela Anderson that has been an icon for the magazine as for her beautiful body and her so blonde style.
There isn't anything else to adding to the end of an era, Playboy magazine was founded in the far 1953 and has been one of the bestseller magazine of all the time for over half century.
Goodbye PLAYBOY we all will missing you ... thanks for give as a dream Mr. Hefner and again, R.I.P.






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