THE NEW REPORTER - Palestine Year Zero: GAZA! 

GAZA - To be able to have the freedom of expression and the wish to expose problems like, how to describe the sufferance of a population doesn't means nothing else that to tell the truth about a situation or a problem. The media seems have forgot about what's happening in that little piece of land of Gaza, while in the main time Trump administration is occupied with all the inside problems to the establishment, and, while the UK is dominate with BREXIT (as it's a dead end with no so much solutions) and the Euro-zone busy with all the issues from the UK to Italy and so on, it's in Syria which increase more appetite and interests, maybe because the geographic location, or maybe, because the leadership doesn't like to the west establishment, or maybe because there is more matter to be involved like the oil [?!], the reality is that nobody seems give an attention to notice the hundreds of dead body on the ground from the Palestinian side every day and, by say, that, the Israeli army doesn't doing the right things, doesn't means to be ant-Semitics or against the Jews that I am sure, that, if in Israel the media will telling to their own peoples what really going on, maybe, the good will of the peoples of God may shacking in their consciousness, so, the Israeli peoples will, eventually, disagree and horrify to know how their own army manage the problem with the Palestinian peoples in Gaza, by kill them like in a video-game without feel anything for human life and I want believe that's the case, specially for the survive of the Shoah, I cannot think any different or maybe in an extraordinary case the all of them that haven't survived to the ferocious and barbaric Nazi persecutions forward the Jews in the WW II, all suddenly have forgot about the Holocaust, and, I want think that isn't the case (or at least I hope so)! 

Today in Gaza there is a generation, by now, that doesn't know what means peace and if some extremist of Islamic root are going insane and think that killing whoever isn't Islamite is normal because infidels, doesn't means that all the Arabic world is composed by terrorists and assassins and people mess-up in their own heads! 

Let have faith and hope for the best, for a return to the processing forward the peace in that part of the Middle-East which seems cannot find rest and peace!

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