WASHINGTON - From a recent study published by an institute of statistics regards the distribution of the wealth in the US it is pointing out the massive leveling between the different social classes with a an obvious alignment from the poorest to the working and middle classes where even the riches aren't anymore in a comfort zone and even the so called 2% which were hold the 98% of the total richness of the globe is now down to ... Find our more by enter the link HERE!
GAZA - There is a reality in the strip of Gaza which nobody seems to give too much attention to the problem where hundreds of dead bodies lying on the ground every day in over-crowed towns, shut-down inside a land which's too small for such a great number in population. Israel seem in the leadership by Hamas an excuse to lock down and kill Palestinians indiscriminate if their are or aren't a directly threats for their own security ... Find out more by enter the link HERE!
NAPLES - From the report about the illegal activity and results archived by the Italian DIA (Department Italian Anti-Drugs) in the second half of the 2015 come out a dark scenario of an international trafficking marked by a trail of blood and the sad truth about an intrigue involvement of States Services, organized crime and Islamic extremists in a hallucinating apocalyptic scenario starting from Naples in Italy with involvements all around the world! Find our more by enter the link HERE!
TRIPOLI: In the general indifference of the entire International community, US and UN included, in Libya, atrocity and violations of human rights are every day abused on migrants from other regions of Africa and Middle- East, refugee, women, children. The biblical exodus  of the new millennium.  The Mediterranean Sea is off limits due the rejections of any humanitarians and charities organizations ships ... Find our more by enter the link HERE!
  • Ilaria Alpi (TG3 Journalist Reporter) Mirian Hrovatin (Cameramen)  fell in an ambush in a center of Mogadscio, Somalia is the 20th of March of the 1994.
  • Bidnija (Malta) 3pm 16 October 2017 - a car-bomb end the life of Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia (Blogger and Investigative Journalist famous are the panama papers leak by her role of investigative journalist).
  • 2 October 2018, Jamal Khashoggi been spot be the CCTV camera enter the Saudi Arabia Embassy and never come out alive.

Ilaria Alpi and her cameraman Mirian Hrovatin [pic. illucido-website]

Sound like a list of soldiers died in combat war-zone but they are only journalists which were doing only their job, expose the truth, which maybe, wasn't pleasant and specially undesired for someone
  • What and why these journalists have been killed?

  • Who was worry about what?

  • There is any connection between these assassinations?

What else isnít unknown after so long that has been solved, done or said? 

The Mediterranean Files is a result of a long research and collections of bits and pieces here and there and glued all together and that's the picture has come out ... HERE!

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