The new distribution of the wealth in the world! 

WASHINGTON - From a recent study published by an institute of statistics regards the distribution of the wealth in the US and broadcast first in a special report by the RAI in Italy in a Special TV Show dedicated to news, the "TG2 Dossier", it's clear the massive change from the begin of the new millennium to our days. In particular, it is pointing out the massive leveling between the different social classes with a an obvious alignment from the poorest to the working and middle classes where even the riches aren't anymore in a comfort zone as showed in the graphic above where in black is the situation of our days and in yellow is showing how it was in the begin of the new millennium to about/around the financial crunch of the 2008 with the selling of the toxic derivates which shake the global economy.

After a research and analyzed a report given out by an institute of statistics, it's impressive how the alignment in the graphic provide is showing how the level of wealth is massively decreased at least in the last ten years, maybe the financial crisis of the 2008 hasn't left without leave any trauma to the financial system, evidently showed in the right part of the graph where the famous 2% of super-riches which were hold the 98% of the entire richness of the planet has decreased too. In fact, at moment, the riches aren't anymore so safe, as well, as they were time ago while the super-riches are only 1% but are so massively richest by end out the graphic. So, on one side we got poorest on an unprecedented level, the super-poor [at least since the end of the WW II] and on the another side a 1% which hold almost the full wealth of the planet, the super-riches. This report isn't coming out because in some country, like the UK and Italy for example, it is now time for financial budget but it was already started time ago as a research to entitled how's the wealth distribution in a present world. The graphic, also, was first broadcast on a special TV Show by the Italian RAI called "Special TG2 Dossier", so, it was also caught my attention due the shock to see how we struggle this days against my most darkest forecast. I don't think there isn't anymore to add as, in my opinion, the graphic above talking by itself, I just would like to ending with the hope that this is only a memento other then the begin of a future where I wouldn't even think to be possible such catastrophic scenario can came in place by become a possibility. In another hand, it is also true that the general discouragement all around the world does bring happy news other then more and more wars, and strong disappointment in the population of almost many country all around the globe. In the main time, the wind of right wing blowing at moment in a massively ferment from Europe to the States and South America with the fresh raise of fascism in Brazil after the recently election which has brought Bolosonaro as a new Brazilian President. Trump in USA, BREXIT in UK, the Nazi-party as third force in Germany with Nazis in the German Parliament for the first time after the end of the WWII, then, Austria, Hungary, Italy and the list may became even longer after the elections of the next spring for the EU Parliament, can strengths the list of Fascist's country, first of all Poland were the extremist of right wings did already showed in the streets of Warsaw [and not just there] what's the high probability of the result of the election in a country which did suffering by dictatorial Communist regime. Looks like these countries where the ferocious dictatorial regimes did elevated an element of sufferance in their people has also created a form of Stockholm syndrome with the inexplicable desire to end up under another dictatorial regime, bah?!. Of course, it is called populism other then fascism as for a form of self-deny by the people but in reality the reasons can be ready with an increase of disagreement and lost of trust in the establishments due the inequality in the societies, the problem of the migrants (reason which struck the Merkel in last election by loose for the first time the absolute majority to form a government) and to end with the fireworks, the corruption in the politics, so, always the best bits, good enough reasons by itself to raise a protest to manifest in the time of election by vote in favor of the populism without realize which dangerous game instead we are going to face. 

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