The Mafias!  

NAPLES (ITALY) - From the report about the illegal activity and results archived by the Italian DIA (Department Italian Anti-Drugs) in the second half of the 2015 come out a dark scenario of an international trafficking marked by a trail of blood and the sad truth about an intrigue involvement of States Services, organized crime and Islamic extremists in a hallucinating apocalyptic scenario starting from Naples in Italy with involvements all around the world!

The Naples clans at moment seem operated in some foreign country where the Italian authorities have detected the presence of some wanted affiliated and bosses which are escaping justice in Italy and made home somewhere outside the country likes Spain, Germany, Morocco and San Marino (this probably using the foreign banks as money-launderettes due the geographic positions situated in the middle of the Italy).

However, these days, all the camorra's clans and their activities seems to be subject to the control of the Calabria's syndicate, knower as the N'Drangheta. A successful blitz in Germany by the Carabinieri has bring to justice 169 people wanted for criminal association in Italy; they were of Calabria's origins and affiliated to the N'Dragheta. In fact, we learn, restaurants, hotels, many other business in Stuttgart and other towns of Germany, Also,  politicians Italy which give our initial suspicious made right, indeed, now it's come more evident the influence of the clans of the N'Drangheta over the Naples camorra the Sicily Mafia cosa nostra.

The reason of such shift in power come along in the time ...

To be continued

Summer 2017, Gaetano Manzo, the last of the Godfathers and the banker of the Naples Mafia, the Camorra, was found in Romania, while he was living a luxury life in an house with the furniture, and more, made in gold, while in the main time he was officially works in a gambling shop.

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