Palestine Year Zero: GAZA! 

GAZA - To be able to have the freedom of expression and the wish to expose problems like it should be without the threat and the fear to be sectioned alive, there is a word which is called freedom of expression, unfortunately doesn't apply anymore in our modern world and society.

In fact, by trying to expose abuse or the truth behind a thick fog of strong abusive leadership, there is a risk to finish to be killed in cold blood as we learned recently from the Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khashoggi, first disappeared in the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Turkey and after declare dead with his body cut in many part, while still alive [find out more HERE] ... why? Because he was try to tell the truth!

The same truth I would like to expose here, so, should I be quiet because of the threat to be killed? 

No, I will try to keep my personal security out the equation of fear, because if I want to be a blogger, or a freelance journalist, I need learn to coop with fear and delivery what's the truth I have discovered in my investigations as a journalist, because when I choice to to that, I have also take in account the risk that come with it, specially in today world, where the freedom of expression is almost under threat too.

So, let me talking about here of the sufferance of a population which struggle to find peace!

I am referring to Gaza, a problem which the media seems have forget about what's happening in that little piece of land; while in the main time Trump administration is occupied with all the inside problems to the establishment but, at same time, still find enough space in his busy agenda and move the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem because he's now in charge of everything as the new owner of the world even above the UN Organization too, and, with the UK over-busy with BREXIT (as it's a dead end with no so much solutions), who's got any time to deal with Gaza issues? 

Of course, and here all the world agree I sure, Syria is a scenario which is require all the attention  maybe because the geographic location, or maybe, because the leadership doesn't like the west establishments and must be re-calibrate the thinking of Assad, or maybe because there is more important matters allowed to be involved (like the oil [?!]). 

The reality is that nobody seems to give too much attention to notice the hundreds of dead bodies on the ground from the Palestinian side in Gaza every day because Gaza is nothing else than a desolated land occupied by Palestinians which own nothing else that few houses worthless in over-crowed towns, shut-down in a lager style without permission to go out or in with an excuse of a the terrorist leadership, Hamas, very dangerous for Israel and the rest of the world of course, so dangerous that's allowed to the Israeli army the right to kill Palestinians people in Gaza like in a video-game [find out more HERE] without any feel for human's life.

I want believe that isn't the case, specially for the survive of the Shoah; I would like to think differently where the survived from the ferocious and barbaric Nazi persecutions forward the Jews in the WW II, and for all the victims of the Holocaust, they will be horrify to see their army to do to others what they did experienced in their life!

Rebuke violence and arbitrary executions against old and young peoples just armed with the right to protest against something they find unjust and unfair to them doesn't means to be ant-Semitics or against the Jews which I am sure, in a vacuum, they will also agree with my point of view as I do believe there are other ways to solve problems, like seat around of a table for negotiations for example, will be more appropriate then what's going on, instead, at moment there.

Today in Gaza there is a generation that doesn't know what means peace and if some extremist of Islamic degenerated and insane root are going to think that killing whoever isn't Islamite is normal because they are infidels and that's enough of justification for those small number of degenerated people doesn't really means that all the Arabic world or the Muslim communities all around the globe is made-up by terrorists and assassins and people mess-up in their own heads! 

Finally, what else to say ... let have faith and hope for the best, for a return to the processing forward the peace in that part of the Middle-East which seems cannot find rest and peace!

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