DESIREE The 16 years old little girl drugged and raped for 12 hours by a herd of irregular migrants! 

ROME - To die isn't always a celebration days for nobody, for old people to victims of accidents or natural catastrophes but when to die is a little 16 years old girl, drugged and raped in a squalid place by a herd of irregular immigrants [at large because without in possess of a regular VISA], then dieing become a monstrosity very difficult to understand and accept!

Desiree the Girl that has shocked an entire country - Cisterna of Latina, few miles from Rome, close to the central downtown where every night, 1000s of youths enjoy their age between shine lights and many bars and clubs; it's the night between the 18 and 19 of October 2018 when, Desiree, a very young girl addicted already to class A drugs, find the end of her days, between a chilled and anguished dark place surrounded by rubbish and dirty, drugged with what she believed was methadone while instead was a cocktail of prescribed drugs and illegal ones to be able to knock her down to abuse and rap her on on a run-down mattress by an herd of people, all irregular migrants all of African origins and without a regular VISA and escape from deportation by became some of the many invisibles migrants all around Italy (like some part of Europe too). The Police has arrested Gara Mamadou, Senegalese born in 1991, Minteh Brian, from Senegalese too  and born in 1975, Alinno Chima from Nigeria 46 years old, a fourth man has been arrested, at moment his name is unknown to us, he been found and arrested in Foggia, on the Adriatic Sea coast of Italy, maybe he was try to find a way to leave the country. Still, at large the pusher responsible for the doses of drugs he was usual dealing in such place, the Police is after him now. Find out more HERE!

So, there isn't a lot of space to describes this horrendous story, Desiree Mariottini, 16 years old, a life at head and a future to explore and enjoy, instead, died in one of unqualified way to pass to a better life. The entire country is under shock, thinking of their children and their safety in a society where using has became a fashion other then a malady for them, the Italians are now questioning, why nobody has called an ambulance as on the site where many others addicted, some of them, as we learned, were also try to give her some sort of untrained aid, they were in that place as it was used by the pushers to dealing. Also, we learned another spine-chilled particular almost very important, the girl where refer to the Social Services in August due her addiction, so, why anyone has take care of her?

Maybe we never found an answer to such question, as, from tomorrow another day will coming out and Desiree became another unfortunate statistics while another victim of drugs or violence related to addiction to drugs will take place but, just for today, a young life and another family has been broken forever. From Rome Ciro LM

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