Jerusalem - The new US Embassy has moved from Tel Aviv [where all the UN world embassy are located] to Jerusalem without the UN recognized (exception for Panama and Guatemala but that will be describe soon, why, HERE soon). 
From the PM of UK, Mrs. Theresa May to many other country that hasn't come of any support for the decision other then criticism and, at this time, despite the color of our parties and ideas, I cannot be more proud of our PM by leaving in UK and with the realistic fact that the rest the world doesn't join the new world order declared by the new powerful dictator, strong of the most power-full army and country power and for the abuse that he has done so far of it by remained me a name as we still remember in our memories with the name of A. Hitler, because, now, without doubt and fear, I can start seem many coincidental facts.

Before WWII was too many coincidences as today, many concessions to what was at that time a mental ill megalomaniac sit on a powerful country in armaments and strong incidence on the world like we got that, without be rude, a disgusting, grease beast, professing peace with the threats and by include terror.

In the reality, A. Hitler didn't say, the Furher will reign for 1M years but he say the Third Reich will reign for one thousands years, so, guess what, I think, from the eagle, from the same type of megalomaniac man in charge, I start believe that the Furher was right ...

Is it not true that the first director of the C.I.A. was a Nazi Hierarchs? or the man that was bomb London with his destructively V2 send a man on the Moon?

Instead of be on Nuremberg to be take a trial as war criminal?

No, the US toke the best scientists, bureaucratic and what they need, and then kill about nineteen Nazi Hierarchs that weren't good for anything anymore?

I will think careful about that, without count that Rockefeller, JP Morgan and company in USA that were dominated the world financial and business matter were all (and still are by generations) Jews, what about a crazy thought that the Shoah was an inevitable sacrifice to create, on the wave of the emotion, the state of Israel in the heart of the Arabic world?

As, many has proved and still shout as loud possible, that 9/11 was an inside job for similar reasons, limited the human right under the terror act. and to be able to do what then they do, without any evidences, in the middle-east and as they still are doing these day.

Bad-the-way, I got an exclusive interview with a former Royal Marine served in Iraq between 2004-2005 and you don't have idea what I have been told. The man named John B. the surname will be not release under the act. of the journalist right to protect their source and for the safety of the man in cause as he ahs now put all behind his shoulders, made a beautiful family and got two lovely children.

Stay Tuned, maybe you will learn how the government accord with certain press, can make believe in a fly-donkey! See you soon [hopefully] ...


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