While in Europe was about just after lunch time, in the US was just starting an ordinary Monday morning with the usual chaotic rush of the workers and tourists but what was going to happening, will change the course of the history for ever!

There isnít any need to re-call the events as by now, everybody in the world know what has happened and what means 9/11 and what consequences has take the course of our existence and writing a dark page of our history.

For the respect of the victims and for their relatives, we havenít wrote anything about those tragic moments because there isnít any need to do that, we know, you know the entire world know but what most of as doesnít know is that not everybody believe what we been told and what has really happened that bloody Monday!

There are many peoples that believe in such called conspiracy theory, we donít stay here to say who is right and who is wrong but we would like understand why there are so many peoples that still believe in that theory, why many relatives of the victims of that atrocity still today claim for the truth and why some billionaire want spent a fortune to investigate in search of the truth that obviously, for them, isnít what we been told; but what we believe here?

Well, to be honest, it isnít easy to say what we believe and what we donít. We donít like say, oh, we agree with the official version of the events or we donít agree with that version and we sticking with the followers of the conspiracy theory but in all honesty, it seems to difficult to agree and believe the official version because there are so many points that doesnít make too much sense and by now, with the full view of the consequences that has come with that bloody Monday, it seems that really there is something that doesnít much.

In fact, in reality and to be fair, there arenít too many things that doesnít much at all with the official version, plus, we discovery, after years of listening and research that the second option, even if not in full, much better and sound more realistic then the first one.

For now, we would like just say that we arenít 100% sure about the nineteen terrorists that on the Monday morning of the 11th September, hijacked few planes and with some great and immense ability manage, without even communicate with the control center on the land, to find the right orientation by flying in the sky and hit all the target by cause thousands of dead and many more injury.

There are many other objective questions and many more evidences that morning the things has gone exactly as we been told but for now we leave for the respect and the mourning with the promise that we will be back on this matter with our own theory and proofs.

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