RELIGIONS: The Opium of the Peoples
Why we should believe then?
I have traveled and I have encounter many different religious background and peoples, so, I am starting a journey to understand, as the title, why we should believe and if there is anything to believe. 
We are starting with the Christianity, the major religion on the planet!
The Holy Bible, a collection of books that's still today, after over five thousands years, the most best-seller and read book in the entire world! What's true and what isn't true? How much of truth there is in all the Christianity, is really the word of God? Do the Churches really helps or just another way to raise money? Priest's pedophiles, Bishops corrupted, a Pope that give up the position before his time ... seems a mess, right?
There is even more confusion, under the name of the Christian religion exiting an enormous different way to see the same thing and as consequences there are many different type of Church that worships in a different way and are even, in same case, in contrast between them. Not bad as start, eh?!
"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full."  [Matthew 6:5]

Now, I am not the best person full of faith and rolling on the floor of the Church full of compulsion like an epileptic being and listen to voices in my head. 

Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to me but many people like the ones that got the "Gift" to feels God in such way and able to hearing voices in their heads and at same time are able to speak what's called, in their account, Tongues, well, I tell you a funny story here, I have been around one of those extreme faithfully Church (also at moment I do not know how to call them) and I find out few interesting things about such so called "Christians full of the Holy Spirit", better know as "Evangelic Church".

To start and first of all, those peoples are an exclusive circle, the believers, while the ones outside the circles are, like a different species, the non-believers, ok I go to fast, right and you asking by now what I mean by that?! 

Well, in my personal experience and for what I saw in one of those church, there is a clear sign of a mind control technique where without you realizing, you will be absorbed in this claustrophobic atmosphere where all the good happen in your day time life is thanks to God and everything wrong happen is because the influence of the Devil, or evil as you prefer to call it.

Then, at this point you are already part of a severe mind control (in the end of this article you can find a link to a test to check if your church using mind control technique) that include, a brainwashes, that's going to convince you that there is one true and only reality and lifestyle to follow, and, all that, to me is already unacceptable.

What I have found the most and, in my opinion, very sick, is the fact that you will, after a certain time, be isolated from the non-believers (normal peoples that doesn't live for the church and all the rest that comes with it) and the only peoples you will be, from now on, in contact with the people that are so called "believers", or what I call the "circle" and that's disturbing because you will be bombarded day after day with the same music over and over again to reach a point where that became your reality too and make you totally linked to the church in any sense.

Obedience in the name of God, according to the church in the full of their own wish or what they come out as their own interpretation of the Holy Bible and you must only and exclusively join the choir or you will be demonized and put threw the indifference of the rest of the congregation. 

I know, sound unrealistic as surreal, right? Unfortunately, it is going on right now, while I still typing this article in a modern society while, inside such reality, you will be suck down in something that belong to a past we thought gone .

So far we got, mind control technique, dehumanization of the individual freedom to think and to act, a several number of rules to obey as a consequence, isolation, sense of guilty and punishment if not in the body, deeply in the mind!

Please, do not take me wrong, nobody handcuff you or tie you with chains but in return, after spend part of your time around those people that you have trusted and welcome in your life, like a Trojan horse, they do enter from the front door and, believe me, it became difficult to let them go because, most of peoples going to those churches, are peoples vulnerable, in need and became easy to exercitation a perfect control over their mind and even take control over their life. 

You still don't believe me isn't it? We got by now collected a large amount of testimonies of peoples that have decided to leave that lifestyle and become once again free from any form of control and invisible chains.

One last example, is the money; oh, yes of course in the end, on the bottom to all there is always the money. That's the most disturbing things I saw, the obligation, accord to the call of God, to dedicated part of your earning to the Church, as claimed by the Bible and trust me the pressure of such argument is even more severe then other matters.

What's happening if you leave? You will find all the nice words and sermons for what they worth, a pile of rubbish as you will find very few peoples available to recognize you in the street as friend or brother.

Please, someone can tell me where is all that, love, forgiveness, family, respect and all the nice things are writing in the Holy Bible and that their sermons blow your ball every Holy Sunday?

I am telling you where there are all those things, in the pockets of the great Church, in the beautiful projects to make a better congregation and in the bless that are privilege of few, while, most of the "devoted believers" are starving and are on the food bank vouchers but still given the 10% as the Bible say other way, well, you know the story by now on what's coming next to you.

Guess what? Is it more idiot the one that keeping going every Sunday to listening their ballshit and money-asking sermons or the one that decide to sleep on Sunday morning specially if you have working all week? I will stick with the ones who decide to stay in the bed and have a great rest, in my opinions.

 This is my personal opinion

Now, Listen to me and my advice after what I have experienced with those people, you must enjoy your life and you take pleasure to going out on Saturday night, spent the money to relax after a week of hard work instead to give to them. Stay and rest in the bed on Sunday because if there is a God responsible to this great creation that we call Universe (and maybe even more then one accord to latest study in Astronomy and Physics) it is so big that doesn't need you to bend your knees and bla-bla-bla with your mouth without even know what you say (oh, yes, I asked what they say when they speak in Tongues and they answered by saying that they don't know as it is possible that you are speaking another language or the language of the Angels so it isn't to you to know what you say when you speak in ... Tongues!!! ... make sense?!), so, please, don't let to be taken from your ass, by those very well trained ballshit preachers, trust me on that, there is very little of truth in what they are saying as there actions don't follow the words, so ...

... it's your choice really! 

Next time, we will try to gain some testimony and sharing experiences from the another major religion, the one where God asking to kill their self and as many innocents people with them ... I can tell from now that maybe we will be even more shocking on what we find out there. See you next time!
NOTE: If you are worry and you would like to find out if your Church is safe and doesn't use any sort of Mind Control Techniques, you can take a test HERE it only takes a few minutes, so, you may have peace in you heart (... and Soul).  
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