Catalonia decie for independece from the Spain:
 - On Sunday a referedum was forwarded by the regional governemet of Catalonia for independece from the Spain
 - It was the wrong way to dealing with such issue and non-costitutional ... 
 Spain government reacted to that referendum wrongly:
 - By sent the National Guard to Catalonia and repressed the illegal referendum in a bath of blood!
 - This is not the way to dealing with it and the amount of violence report our mind to the time of Franco regime!
 - The European Union Mistakes:
 - Brussels should intervein very quickly and dealing with the problem much faster and soon
 - The EU had the duty to avoid and condemn straight way the action of Madrid
  Now what's next? The late intervene of the Eu has made the entire matter very complicate
 CONCLUSION: The European Union must force the parts to negotiations and avoid the independence 
                           It's not just anymore for the future of Spain but involve the entire future of the many nations 
                           part of the EU with some similar independent pushes ... full article with more update coming soon!
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