Labour Party Conference 2017
Brighton - Labour Party Conference 2017: The Jeremy Corbyn day!
Jeremy Corbyn, after all the weakness he was accused in the past, today he has appeared strong, confident, secure, encouraging for a different government and solid about his candidature for the place of Teresa May as Prime Minister. He seems ready, he spoke for about an hour and fifteen minutes in what he delivery his plane for a future Labour-made government in defense of the minority, for the change of the system by guarantee better life for all, less discrimination, no-more division, united as a country and as peoples and thoughts for the foreign matters like the Hurricane disasters, the earthquake that shake and destroyed Mexico with many dead in all those disasters and he spend a word of tribute and commemorations for the victims, to end, for the end of the oppression for the Palestine peoples.
Also, he didn't discount a word for the mess making by the US President, trump, by invited to come-back to this world and grow up as the leader he should be and stopping to creating chaos and threat for all of us and in particular to considerate careful the climate change program that he has criticized and dissociated.
Just before the end of his specking, and the begin of a standing ovation with the chant of the party and the "OH Jeremy Corbyn" chanted by the crowed he ended his speech by send a message to the Tories (that he attacked in many occasion on many area during his specking), he lunch his slogan:
"WE not ME!"
He send a strong message to the PM Teresa may and her cabinet by saying he is ready and his party now is more united them ever and ready to take over ... Mrs. May is warned!
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