Burnemouth:  Liberal Democratic Party -  It was an emotional moment during the speaking of the new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, when Tim Farron was mentioned for all his effort during his time as at head of the Party on the conference for the presentation of the new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party on the 20th September 2017 in Burnemouth.
It was also a strong speech from the new leader Sir Vince Cable, with a strong program to raise the party again and to even prospect a possibility for him to be the new Prim Minister in a near future.
During his introduction where he described the good work done by the former leader Tim Farron was also a strong moment as Tim was visible emotional (see picture above) and visible genuine like a man that has give all his self to the party and to the cause of it.
Now, it is time for the party to turn the page to the next and new capitol and let see if the word of Sir Vince Cable will follow an equal and appropriate action in the future of the party and of the politics of the country.
For now, there isn't anything also to do then wait and see what the new leader can delivery from his view to the reality of the new face of the Liberal Democratic party!


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