The PM Theresa May give a speech in Florence (ITA)!
Florence (Italy) - Theresa may Speech has been a bit of controversial opinions and of course, many criticisms from the Brexiteers that doesn't like the soft tone even if the PM has kept clear that still no-deal is better then a bad deal. But what about the human chips, the EU Citizen and the UK citizen living in the 27 EU country? Well, you will be disappointed as they still are chips even if a vague reassurance come in a very summary way!
Today, maybe, it was the right moment to give a sense of humanity to this unprecedented and without history new situation where a country has voted, with a democratic but very well manipulated, referendum to leave the Euro-zone. Unfortunately, still, after fifteen months, there are not any reassurances or any clarification on what's go to happen to the millions of EU in UK and British in Europe future as the most important deal for all the parts at moment seems just money against all the promise of rights and human values.
At moment, before read ourselves the deep particular of the mean of this specking today, we would like to do not go further on judgment or considerations on what should or shouldn't be about the rights of the citizen but there is something that we know and that we can prove; after all this time, leave peoples, human being in a "limbo" that generate only depression, anxiety as they will do not know their future and on how plane their life, it seems a bit to harsh but we leave, as said, here for now even if we find the all matter very bad from our point of view. In the next few days, we will be back with some testimonies from real peoples and how this uncertain climate has change or affect, in the best scenario, their life.
We are talking of human being here and not chips to bargains on a table of a negations but, unfortunately, not everybody has our own and same point of view ...
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