Lets go to eliminate those scams from the face of the earth!

We have seen enough by now; we have let a groups of losers and weakest cowards to affect our life and to create a sense of anxiety in us, on our land and in our own space.

This is too much and we are not let those crap being to go further and we donít want just wait and reline on the Police, Special Forces and, specially, on a lucky router of gambling and fortune.

This is our life Ö this is our world Ö this is us strong then them!

Donít be afraid anymore!

They wanted the war, then, we give them what they want, we give them back the some fear, terror and anxiety that they trying to create in our existences, so Ö

Donít be afraid anymore and donít stay still anymore ... no-more!!!

This is our message to them:

ďDear terrorist we are not afraid of such smacking small peoples like you and we are now come after you so be afraid because you are going to lose, you went to far. We have given to you hospitality, a home a friends a life and you have spit on it, well, and you donít appreciate what you gotten? Then we will take away from you; how? You will see because we are more, much more then you and you are only few deluded fanatics that going to lose, you donít think so? Then, just watch us!

P.S. You mess-up our kindness with weakness and, we promise to you, we arenít weak at all!Ē

This is the message we need to have strong stamped in our head and fight back, strongly, and this the message we need to delivery to those small numbers of cowards Ö 

NOTE: We coming after you cowards; you will not have any more space, and anywhere you go, you must to be afraid and watch your back all the time because we are ready to fuck-you! ... how?

You donít need worry ... you have already lost! 

About us: Dear visitors, don't worry, you donít need to take a weapon and go to war, and, risk your life We don't want you risk your life at all ...

Now, you are asking how we go to defeat that scams, right? Again, don't worry ...

There is a simple way Ö

All you have to do, is, from now on:

-         Donít be afraid to report anything suspect to the local authority, they will helps with any    issues

-         Be vigilant

-         Donít be afraid for your life because we are much strong in number and in strength

-         Watching Ö watch the back of your neighbors and at same time make sure that, everyone in your area arenít acting suspicious

-         If you got any doubt, again, just call your local authority

-         In this way, they will be surrounded and limited in their actions

-         Watch if anyone buy to much households chemical or anything in large number that can raise any suspicious in you, then inform your local authority

Donít be afraid Ö we are go to win this war ... we already winning this war!


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