Letters from the Webmaster
Hi all, it has been a long time and effort to design, organizing and finally upload online this website!
The full job has required a lots of hours, works and research to be sure that I will be doing the exactly job I was in mind to do ... a work different from delivery news (for that there are many many newspapers online and in the newsagents all around the world but what I thought it really missing on the web, or internet if you prefer a more standard manner of speaking, a work that give the news inside the news and believe me, I didn't thought when I started this project, that was coming seriously take in considerations. In fact, I have already been arrested, obviously release without charge and been warned by my mentor, that's not the only one and more coming as it is in the nature of the job specially if you play, like me, out the rules ...
... but what means play out the rules, be a criminal?
No, guys, play out the rules, in this matter and in this contest means tell you the truth behind the lies arrogantly imposed by the lobbies, government and peoples in charges with your lives that are only interested to make you an alien, struggled by your moorage, the cost to keeping growing your children and the money so tied that you need work like an alien without time to think so, they, the "ones" can do to you all they want; and here we are ...
Here come illucido.com and me, the webmaster with this space all for me and without that tell me what to say or what to publish without fall in the trap of fake news or usual rumors of internet.
Here, in this page, your webmaster will right every week, at least, some letters to you, review what's going on, tell you the truth, try to find out the reality behind the lie and make sure that every single line publish on my site isn't anything like the news from the sold media ... 
You got my word on that! 

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