After the massacre of Charlie Hebdo in France in the 2015 I decided that doesn't matter what, I was in a sense honoring those peoples dead in that attack, while doing their professional job, in some way! I also know, that to be or became a journalist, isn't just a job but a passion and even a mission, the one to delivery the information, true and clean information to the peoples that are going to build a trust in such job!
Even if we are not the best in this job to tell in cartoons what's happening in the world, our effort would be a tribute to the peoples die under the ferocity of a false religious ideological fanatics
With that message, I would like remember what are real journalists is and what to remember to the "workers" that are just there, on their chairs, in their office t obeys to their firm policy just for the sake to have a job, a salary, that may in the end of the month allow them to pay their mortgage, the school of their children and to keep a wife happy, well, that's not what journalism means. Write articles accord to the policy of the newspapers and stay quiet when the editor correct, delete or asking you to modify yourself and your piece of work, well, that's an offence to those "real" journalists that have put their hearts and lives in this fascinated but dangerous and deadly job.
To be a journalist is something different from any other job, you are on the front line and you must be aware that you will dancing with the death every moment of your life ... if you don't like, them change job for God sake!!!
The world outside there is a war-zone and you are, as said, on the frontline and you must be ready to accept the fact that maybe you will not be back at home in the evening to kiss and stay with your children and your family.
Even if the list is very long, I will be here only to remember how dangerous is the job of real journalist and to give a tribute to those peoples called journalists that have put the importance of their job before their life. Charlie Hebdo as mentioned already together with many more, for example, this year are twenty-two years from the death of the Italian journalist, Giancarlo Siani, killed by the camorra because he was doing his job very good and because thee, on the work place of being a journalist on the front line, he lost his life and to do not go to far, we still await to understand what has happen to another Italian journalist, dead in the time he was in the hands of the Turkey authority because he was investigate on the violence during the repression of the recent failed gulp in Turkey about an year ago by now we are writing this article. So, to end this sort of introduction, to how and what means to be a journalist, let's just articulate in very some simple points: Courage, ability, skills and more but before all ...
... to be a journalist, and I mean a real and good one, is a mission to delivery the real information to the peoples that reline and trusted in you and doesn't matter if your editor sake you, that's means you done your job well, you delivery the truth outside and over the lobbies of the powers that controls every corners of the planet, specially, the media but/and almost, to be a journalist you must to don't be afraid to die! 
Enjoy, this space, my space because I don't want that other risking their life only because ...
... I am not afraid to DIE!
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