About Us
Hi Greetings, this is a no-profit website that means there is not any political, religion and hectically orientations other then be a site with absolutely not intend to make or create any sort of profit instead we will try to help any charity organization will come to us. 
Unfortunately our world is the whole world is in turmoil with injustices all around the globe, the media under control of lobbies and we powerless watching our beautiful Blue Planet be abuse and rip off without any remorse where the only thing that count is the weight of our wallet!
We don't like that, I don't like that and I will try anything in my power to do something about because if it is correct to say "the past is a teacher" well, then, I learn that knowledge is power and that power can be use and that's the way we will fight by be sure that knowledge is not manipulate!
We hope you may find some interests and most important enjoy your experience on our site ....
... and last but not least, thanks for visiting us, welcome!
What we are going to try to do it is the intend to help what, whoever and wherever there is in need of any kind of support or help! We are going to make a promise to do our best to archive that and because we are still humans, there is, unfortunately, not an absolutely reassurances that we will not make some mistakes along the path that we have take! But, one thing will be for sure, we will try and try again, so,
when we looking in our children eyes, we cannot say I didn't try; yes, it is sound a bit of presumption here but as Obama said after his election, "We Can Do It!"

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