BACCHUS: THE ROMAN GOD OF WINE as for "In Vino Veritas" [Latin]

"Under the effect of the the wine the will come out the truth!"

the truth is sleeping behind the rhetoric of lies!

Hello, I hope you have understood the aim of our site, our name is an ironic name, a provocation and a form of rebellion against the strong power, the lobbies of the power and the attack to our democracy. 

My granddads die, years ago in name of the democracy and I willing to give my life too if necessary to preserve the most great gift we earn, with blood of our ancestors, the freedom of the democracy that's lost by now I am afraid!

Anyway, pass to this page About Us, so, if you are here means that you are one of the few that decide to don't berried your head in the sand and pretend that all you see around you and everything been told to you, by the media, the press, the TV, the friends, the politicians etc. etc., doesn't feel right in your guts and you decide to search in the messy jungle of the online world, something or some different news out the choir of the media manipulation by the lobby, or, whoever move the strings of our world. Well, without arrogances and due the high numbers of trouble myself has been find in due research in a area dangerous for the ones against our freedom and democracy, and, without count the threats received with regular methodical harmony every day, I can reassure you that, if it's true that something out there it isn't right, you are so right because out there, there are too many things that aren't right and we are here to try to fight that; oh yes, you are right what can do a mosquito like our site to the Giants of the power? Maybe nothing but as David proved in the Bible against Goliath, well, everything is possible and we, instead to do nothing and be abuse, we will die but without to have tried!

Enjoy the visit to the site but come back because my music hasn't ended!

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