After, walking in the dark by asking the local authority about the chess board over our heads that you can easily see in a clear sky when, of course, and specially over UK where the clouds are the predominant view, a nice day allowed to the Sun to shine high by illuminate the beauty of a light sky of a summer day.

Unfortunately, against all the difficulty and the “Iron Curtin” created at art around these phenomena, we have finally the first ever results on what really come out the sky; ‘Aluminum, Boron, Manganese, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Zinc’!

Those are the principal components of what has been finding in the water after an irrigation of what are now well know as “Chemtrails”!

As the reductions of the hole in the ozone in our atmosphere we were deducted that was a results of such activity to reduce the problem of the “Ozone” but after such analysis that is proved by the results that you may find below, we have now more questions that answers. Why we are sprayed with such dangerous and very fatal elements only for protect us against the famous hole in the Ozone?

Would you cure your son that is suffering with a high temperature and pains by given poison to put him in rest? Well, the situation here doesn’t seem so much different! The SLA and Alzheimer are well produced by exposure to such neurotoxin's products that mysterious Airplane spraying, by now for years, over us and in some case in north Italy even filaments like spider's webs like are also materialized after the sky has been cheesed with those Chemtrails. The NATO (That by now is an independent organizations that shouldn’t operated anymore due the fact the The Soviet Union has been gone) is one of the name has come out by interacted with others blogger and freelance journalists that are investigate by now why and how the NATO operate, under which legislation and for the command of who.

This matter will be continued and we will forward more information as we gain them, so, 
stay turned for more update on this specific's matter!

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