Too much has been written already about the chemtrails, there is someone that saying the chemtrails are an imminent dangerous threat and there are others that saying the all matter is just an untrue story created to scare and speculate about it to generate fear, chaos, emotional instability in the population or just to make a profit out of it. As we said (and always we never be to tired to repeat the same thing), we are not a site of any politics or stuff like that orientation, so, what we want doing here, in our investigations section of our site doesnít go in one or in another direction but just we had a thought about those rumors and we decide to have a look by ourselves to see if really there is something going on up our head and high in the sky. Well, what we did, we decide to record, when the weather was give us such a possibility, our sector of sky and see with our own eyes if really the phenomena was happening or it was just a matter of condensation created by planes (airlines, army or private, etc.) due the high altitude. The results of our investigations was a bit of worry to be honest, as we have effectively noticed that it was a methodical and schematic architect move where we were well distinguished the airline from other type of planes that instead were doing something else by creating a symmetrical and geometric spray up in the sky as it is documented by some pictures (HERE) thatís showing in different time the continues fly in a perfect symmetry by making the 

sky from a clean and clear beautiful blue in an opaque cloudily sky. Now, we do not really know whatís all about; we have try to asking the local authority any informationís about but nobody seems able to give as any answers. So, the conclusion, for now, is left to us to decide and make our mind out on what it may be going on up our head and mostly worry, if there is any concern about that we should take in serious considerations as many other sources havenít just done like us a summary investigations to ascertain that something really happening but instead they have go further and discovery very worrying facts about the origins of the spray by found out that indeed there is a toxics elements in what those planes realize on us thatís also dangerous and possible harmful for our health without entering inside the various conspiracies theories that, than, became more then a worry even if what we got here its already by itself ... 
... not very good news for us at all!
Below there is a sequence in pictures that we recorded above the sky of the South-West of UK!

starting from a clear sky

parallel spraying

multi-planes spray

chess-board style sky

clear sky to opaque 

NOTE: All the record was done in the same morning, it took about four hours to change from a clear and clean sky to a cloudily one!

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