the Century

Lady Who is our Logo! It has been the website logo for all the time despite the changes that the site has gone threw in the past years.
It wasn't matter a lot if the website was change design, color, format, contents or owners; Lady Who has always represent the symbol of this site and we will honor the longevity of our lady by give her the privilege to represent us in tot this time as our proper and official logos.
Maybe in future we may have a chat with our designer to see if it will be an available option to have our lady available in picture to download or other merchandise that will maybe be put on sell for not profit!
In fact, it may be an idea to raise some cash to collect for some charity organization as we are planning (and indeed negotiations in that direction are already been made by us) to organize and 
dealing with one or more charity organizations to see if we will be able to make some good cash available to them for whoever is in desperate need and those peoples are our primary objective and goal of this site!
But for now, let just concentrate and enjoy the birthday of Lady Who that archive nine years of life by now!
Happy Birthday Lady Who!!!
      NOTE: Lady Who logo is a LMC enterprise copyright!

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