The North Korea has ignored all the warning from the world community. For the US the President seems, war, as an inevitable consequences!

Picture from the Washington Post   

It doesn't seem that the President of the North Korea is, basically, gamble on the skin of an entire humanity but nobody, in his own circle of generals, seem also able to understand the issue and the gravity of the problem by put the stack of all our globe in the deluded fantasy of a big boy that's playing with real and deadly toy!
Accord to some analysts, what was looks like a bluff, nowadays seems more like a closing gap to a past nightmare where humanity were threat under the global nuclear conflict between the two super-power of that time, USA and USSR.
Today, unfortunately, the scenario seem much worst as the peoples in charges of the game aren't to reasonable in a different way but with the same dangerous deadly ignorance! 
... what we don't understand, for now, is, why after the great threats and the lucky escape from the cold war, these peoples still want play such a deadly game!
We hope to have an answer soon ...
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