What is the wall and what is means?
The wall is an occasion for you visitors to be free to spray any sort of “graffiti” text or message that you would like scream to the world.
How it does works?
It is very simple, you send us your text or message to the address here and we will spray for you on the wall.
Why we cannot do it by ourselves directly?
Because some sort of moderation and respect needed to avoid offensive and appropriate language and texture in accordance with our policy to be respectfully to others in terms of religions, politics and ethical background.
We are waiting for you to express any sort of frustrations, injustices or whatever you would like to take out. This is your occasion; do not hesitate to take this free and, in our opinion, a good way to delivery out to the world your thoughts ... you are more then welcome to exploits this space!
P.S. You may decide to be anonymous or to sign whatever you decide to “spray”!

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