Washington 8th May 2018 - The us President, Mr. Trump, has withdraw the States from the nuclear deal with the IRAN about the nuclear deal reach, thanks to Obama administration after years of hard diplomatic works by put, once again, the world peace at stake!

The withdraw, by the US from the nuclear IRAN deal made by the previous administration headed by Mr. Obama as President and agreed with other powerful Country and the EU as well, not without any difficulty and after long years of diplomatic hard works, if in a sense has not so much surprise as it was already declared by Mr. Trump, but has still shacked the harmony and the hope of the world specially after the many request to do not go to that way by, the ones he call "his allies" while in reality he think of them as his puppy (in my opinion btw), can only bring trouble in an area where the atmosphere is already a powder keg and ready to explode in an unpredictable and maybe in a very bad way.

Maybe, the success to manage to stop the program by the North Korea about the nuclear ballistics nuclear missiles has mounted the head of Mr. Trump by created a sense of domino on the world strong of his super-power army but instead he only starting losing the focus on what should be the real role of the US in the world as super-power, make sure and protect the peace. Instead what I sense that he is a man full of he self, come from a different ground then the politician world and I think he doesn't care at all about anything other then his ego.

I don't want keeping bang on this arguments, but, the financial recession (that we still feel today, btw) and a mad man in charge of a super-power army, remain me many many years ago, where another megalomaniac bring the world in dust, the only difference are, at time the object of discrimination were the Jews while now are the Muslim, because a terrorist even if Islamic extremist, doesn't means Muslim necessarily, plus, at time was rubble this time will be dust.

I will end with a famous question asked to the great Einstein about how would be fight the III World War, after the world discovery the massive destruction by the Atomic Bomb after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Einstein replied: "I don't sure about that but I know how it will be fight the IV World War, with the clave!"

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