The metamorphosis of the terror From the Political Terrorism to The religious fanatic Islamic Terrorism !

Spring 1972, in Munich the works for the imminent Olympics games are frenetic to be able to be ready for the festival of the peace, specially because this is the first time the German land host the games after the last one hosted by the Nazi - German of Hitler dated 1936.

Together with the sports infrastructure, in all the city, new building, restaurants and Hotels are going to host the whole world of sport's delegations as many fans all around the globe, but, somebody else, in another part of the world is be ready for the games. In fact, from the Lebanon, are ready to fly, destination Munich, the members of the terrorist cell, Black September, close to the extremist wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The Palestinian want be present after the Palestine hasn't grant the right to take part, as sport team because isn't recognize by the ONU, but as we will realize, the Palestinian have decide, since January 1972, to be present in their own way, Adu Daoud, member in charge of Black September, in a future interview to a France Television, will explain as he describe as a good possibility to build up a spectacular operation under the eyes of the entire world due the presence of journalist and televisions from all around the world.

Tuesday, 5th September 1972, the group of terrorist, called  "Black September" formed by about eight Palestinians terrorists well trained try to figure out a way to make a way in the Olympics village where are hosted the athletes. They are also helped and supported by the German Terrorist group, R.A.F. (build up together by ex Nazis) with information on the security around the village in any particular area and of course weapon and logistic bases.

The Palestinians are humiliated and desperate, specially after lost their land gain by the Jews from all Europe after the II WW and after the shocking defeat by the Arabic brotherhood in the war of the six days in the 1967; so their intend is to kidnapping the Israeli athletes and fly to Algeria where they will hope to negotiate the life of the Israeli in exchange of the liberation from the prison of their comrades, but, the all matter will end in a different way ...

To be continued ...

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