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Journalists are dying in name of the truth and justice

I, personally, haven't forgotten the journalists, war reporters,  and more which died in name of freedom of expression and for their dedication to delivery the truth to the world. I will remember some of them here in name of the many which will make an impossible task for me to list all of them, but, by mention few of them will help to make sure their sacrifice will never been lost ... 

I have become a blogger by following one of my great passion, delivery news, events, atrocity, crime against humanity and much more many events which are happening right now as you are reading but in many case you will never be aware off because I have learned that many rumors about the manipulation which the media has done for centuries to simply political reasons as many press are in the hands of powerful lobbies which are doing, underneath the surface our world and under our noses without we don't have any idea. It has been like that 100s years ago, still is undergoing these days and will keeping going in the future without nobody cannot do nothing to change that.

That's were coming this brief articles, to never forgotten the sacrifice made by the ones were try to fight back this status who only to find the death other then reach their goal.

Of course, I wish one day things will change, maybe the future generations will be more smarts or the power above us will find an end, even if in all honesty, I am strongly doubt.

Below, there is a small list of journalists, belong to a "hero" category which were believe that the pen is more powerful than the sword.

Unfortunately, they were wrong...

However, in memory of the many lost their life ...

In the picture above, the two Italian journalists. aria Alpi and her cameramen Milian Hrovatin, died in Mogadishu in 1993 by working as reporters for RAI 3 by doing they duty to discovery and delivery the truth. 

Today, after 20 years, still silence on their death because the continuously cover-up cannot allowed them  justice, to proper allowed to rest  in a respectful peace as they do deserved. We, instead, haven't forgot about them and pick up their works to delivery, as they were wishing, to the public and all the people.

NOTE: The full report is supported by testimonies, research and unclassified documents. We all will be able to read threw the truth to give rest to our colleague after all these years of cover-up and silence! 

As said, I cannot write down the full list of the numbers of journalist lost their lives but in respect and in memory of the many, below a list of few ...

-       Iraia Alpi (+ Milian Hrovatin = cameramen)

-         Jan Kuciac (Slovacchia ref:- Viktoria Marinova)

-         Andy Rocchelli (killed in Ukraine)

-         Caruana Daphne Galizia ... Our tribute HERE.

-         Mexico 10s of journalists are been killed in the total silence

-         150 Journalists are jailed (life sentence) in Turkey try to delivery the truth

-         Jamal Khashoggi (mysteriously disappeared in the Saudi Arabia embassy in Turkey) and then admitted to been killed, again, for the truth but which truth was he carry to be so dangerous for the geo-political world we living in these days?

-         Antonio Megalizzi killed in Strasburg (by Cherif Chekatt) for his passion and activisms on an ideology of freedom and human rights respect

 ... and the list can go for ever!!!

P.S. As already appointed in my introduction, there are many more journalists which are jailed or killed around the world as we speaking and more will be following the fatal deadly bloodthirsty you shut the mouth of the truth and freedom of expression ...

NOTE: Weaklinks and co-founder Julian Assuage [full story HERE] is another example, persecuted and framed for delivery to the eyes of the world the “truth” even if he choice something, hacking, which shouldn't be used but how about in name of the fight against the crime?


Last but not least, Marie Colvin which, after survived to many 'truth battle's for the truth, she, unfortunately, died, in Syria during a strike attack while she was in her full duty to delivery the reality of the victims and casualties of another absurd conflict.

Marie, was almost a war correspondent, she has been well remember by Paul Corney testimony in the book "Under the Wire".

 ... and 

for the immense courage and sacrifice which you have paid with your own blood and lives in the attempt to make sure that the true justice, freedom of speech, and the rights for all human being will never die, together, with the memories of all the victims of wars, injustice, inequality and dark conspiracies


you have been of a great example and inspiration!


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