CINEMA - There is not a doubt that the cinema has change the life of our society and of ourselves with stories which have, still these days, an immense volume of audience and fans as many movies have also scripted, like a signature on stone, moments of our history. Romances, fantastic, realistic and historical, the cinema has, also, sign on film our history.

Some movies are just for entertainment while others, instead, have more deeply meaning. As, these days it is very easy find a movie of any type, there are, indeed, some masterpiece, forgotten by the time which are worth to be watched.

So, from this page, periodically, we research threw the web, some masterpieces that our generation has been forgotten but doesn't means that such movies are deserved to be left to rotten when we can be easily find online and to make easy for you, that's the aim of this project, to be given a new spotlight to those movies which have amazed some past generations. Together with movies find out, also, some review of some less dated movies.

See you soon and stay tuned!
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