The Nazi-German started a war in an advance technology and an incredible self-confidence. 


  • - The Enigma machine (the first real computer on hearth)
  • - Advance tanks.
  • - Airplanes of new generation.
  •   ships high tech.
  • - U-Boot submarines which control the seas for a while.
  •   bureaucracy organization in a capillary system.
  • - Very advance warfare. 
  • NOTE: For a country which did lost the great war 1914-19 full of economical sanctions and other restrictions seems incredible to see the Nazi-German take over control of Europe only few decades after ...
  • Plus,
  • If we keep in account that the German lost most influent scientist, before all Albert Einstein, still manage to keep an advance step on the allies till greed and too much confidence (same things destroyed the Roman Empire and Napoleon coincidental by fall in the Russia campaign) like Grobbel with his invincible Lufthansa while instead his personal greed was one of the main factor why we aren't under the Third Rich regime (or are we?)

NOTE: Most of the best influent scientist and high rank of the Nazi regime did ended to serve in the Allies due their high knowledge in their area of competence were take by the US under their own flag like:

- Wernher von Braun CEO of the V1 and V2 hit London from bases 1000s miles away and the first man invent a cruise-missile, after kill many Londoners became CEO of NASA and he was the man sent the first mankind on the Moon

- Many other valuable hierarchs were "employed" by the allies due their great skill in their area of competences.


All those questions, near a century away, still shacking the mind of historical scholars and anyone which doesn't believe in fair tales!

To be continued ...

Still to come:
  • - The rumoros about a fly source precipitated outside Hamburg.
  • - The Vril
  • - The mystic Nazi-German secret society
  • and
  • - The ultimate secret of the war of the Atlantic in full run for the Berlin in 1944 with an entire American fleet, defeat and retreat against some odd fly objects
  • - Hitler death ...

and more to come like:

1942: The Battle of Los Angeles!


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