The dark side of the religions!

The extremism is wrong whatever is the religion in question. We are more fond to think, when we hear such word, extremist, to looking in the direction of the Muslim religion due the climate of terrorist attacks committed by Jihadist extremists. Unfortunately, extremists are also in other religions like the Christian and more, in any religion there is extremism as in politics and in other areas like that . In a my recent investigation I have found, for example, that one in three evangelic Churches, the use of mind control and other activity that, even if aren't deadly, still affect and modify the peace of people by manipulated their will other then been a spiritual guide and other then acting as they should do in name of their God, or simply, in name of the peace and love. 

Peace will be with you all!

NOTE: If you are worry and you would like to find out if your Church is safe and doesn't use any sort of Mind Control Techniques, you can take a test HERE it only take few minutes, so, you may put peace in you heart (... and Soul).

Oh, how about Jesus??? What he will may be doing at moment? ... find out HERE!
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