LAS VEGAS - WSOP 2003, some poker player, anonymous to the circus of those days, won a ticket to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada, US of America, basically, the World Cup of Poker to give you an idea but until such date, the games were exclusively a matter for professional and skilled big guys of the game, so, when this nobody come in the one of the big Casino in town, he was like invisible, the usual fish to get out before he even sit, with his privilege to sit there only thanks to a ticket won on an online (almost no so popular as he will be) tournament for few US Dollars. He's name, ironically, was Moneymaker, Chris Moneymaker, and that's the guys which will change history of Poker, the online poker by shuffled a world for few in a billionaire industry for the years to come, by make many anonymous players, big names and professional poker player as well thanks almost to the boom of the online poker which were able to make anyone with a bit of brain and wish to work hard on the game by treat as a business by study and dedicated hours on the game at table and on many tools which will be starting become available for the fortune of many ingenious IT programmers and poker books writers.

To be continue ...

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