THE CHAOS OF LIBYA - In the general indifference of the entire International community, US and UN included, in Libya, atrocities and violations on a daily basic, breach the simply safeguard of human rights which are violated every day of this forgotten war!
TRIPOLI - Women, children and babies together with some ill, wounded or old people are the most exposed as the most vulnerable peoples, caught as criminal with the only guilty to be migrants trying to escape the  wars in their own regions of origin like Africa or Middle-East just to arrived in Libya already exhausted to face their own worst nightmare.

This is the most humanitarian tragedy after the Holocaust, in fact, migrant seems become the new Jews of the WWII and it's just happening under the eyes of everybody but all turn the face away from what's the biblical exodus of the new millennium.

History, unfortunately, hasn't teach anything as the same horror and mistakes are made without take account of how much blood our ancestors give for freedom and a better world but instead, as a nostalgic sick specie, cannot avoid to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The lock on the Mediterranean Sea locked by  the Italian right wing new governments, doesn't allowed any vassals or ships to stop in their ports even if they are from humanitarian and charity organizations, so those people been stacked or resend back to Libya, and, sometime they die or in the waters of the sea or in the center for refugee in Libya under the control of the local Militia due the civil war and in an indescribable conditions due NGO and other charities organizations report.

While at moment seems that Haftar has finally been choice by the US as he is on the door of Tripoli, the real question is, what's really has chance in the main time to made all the militias, finally, to be agree?

To be continued ...

NOTE: Due the unstable war the geography is constantly changes!

In 2011, a coordinate attack by the Franco-NATO made the end word to the regime of Quaddafy and his role as a Rais and a General in commander of Libya with a big project for a better Africa.

That was his death penalty and the begin of the chaos which has followed after which is still going on at expense of humanitarian crisis.

In fact, the evidence recovered in some of the leaked 3000s emails sent to Hilary Clinton in the 2016, during the running for presidency in US, have demonstrated that attack Libya was a very wrongly decision, once again, after the invasion of the Iraq ...

Find a summary of the reasons behind the air strike to kill Gheddafi 

NOTE: This is only one of the emails sent to Hilary Clinton when she was a Defense Minister for the US of America:



To be continued ... 

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