Webmaster Bio
I am a freelance journalist specialize in investigative journalism which allowed me to write reports about geo - politics, organize - crime, criminality and national politics, plus, I writing sport's reports about football and Formula One.
I am registered as a member of the National Union Journalists UK!
Also, I writing about social issues and as a bi - lingual  in Italian and English, I can do any translations from English and Italian press or any other type of reports and articles.
I'm a web-designer and I can design from scratch or helps with any type of web content and design of course. 
Finally, for more details, please feel free to visit my Personal CV!
NOTE: All the articles are made thanks long time of research and investigative journalism, where, sometimes, I had to stay bordline with the law not the justice [very important point]. Such sacrifice, come at some costs for me, like, energies, time, some heath mentally and physically and it was my passion to do this type of job, to serve the justice in fights light which give me, also, the courage to break some barriers. So, thanks to read, and keep in mind what you see posted on this site are draft, subjected to editing as we selling the story inside the content not the writing style. P.S. At least for now ... Thank you for read!


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