The America of Trump: White, Racist Bully and divided! 

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Trump Presidency:
Take back control of America
Take the US Army out of any conflicts
Stop the problem of the illegal immigrants
Stop the narcos-traffic to US soil
Build a wall between US and Mexico
Restore the power of the US Dollar
Strength the US Economy
Defeat the unemployment in USA
Ask the Mexicans to build a wall
Bombarded with missiles the Syria without UN approved resolution
His family are involved with the Russia-gate matter
Racism against Muslim countries 
Been involved in a media war with the North-Korea 
Threat the North Korea to reduce in dusk
Threat the Venezuela
Criticized the Obama agreement on the nuclear plan with Iran at UN meeting
Accused public and publicly offended Iran at the UN meeting (The second Evil of the Humanity)
Cancel the national Obama-care plan
Cancel the national Obama-care plan
Complain against anyone doesn't sing the National Anthem specially during sport events
Transforming the US in a racist and encourage the Nazism groups active in the US country
Cancel the national Obama-care plan!
... more on the way [we believe]!
It seems that Mr. Trump is a man full of surprise and every time he will make a speech, there isn't a certain about what will come out from his mouth. He starting collecting disappointment against himself domestic and internationally. We question, if the Americans have regrets to vote for him, even if we know, that, probably, without a bit of hackers helps, eventually the world was free from this plague, the only ones seems approved his crap is only the Israeli, and to repaid them he moved the Capitol of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!
Plus ...
A man which's cannot be trust, because, a man you cannot trust is a dangerous man:
  • Don't care about our planet [take the US out the agreement of Paris about climate change], even if the alarm is more real then even (see all the natural catastrophic events) and we already lose lives and more is incoming and more lives will be lost if a real solution to. 
  • He give his word to Macron in Paris but he is a compulsive lie and HERE is how it ended his word to the French President in Paris about the US participations in the climate change agreement!
  • He's a megalomaniac obsessed with he selves.
  • He's ruined the US and consequently the world without follow any rules and by-pass the UN.
  • He has a plan to divide and destroy the Eu, so, he can impose his own wish over the world (probably, already in agreement with PUTIN) because the Eu is an obstacle to his ambitions ... 
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