When the wall of Berlin fall in 1989 a general sense of optimism (after the dark age of the cold war) was starting build up in the people. The end of hates, wars, discriminations, differences and divisions between peoples, religions and more ... yeah, it was look like a dream ... a new millennium ahead and hope for an era of union, love and working together to discovery the great secrets of the Universe, our origins, the so small and undetectable particles other then lies, diffidence forward the media for the strong power build up in control the people and lost of trust in the press due the dirty cover up about the secrets of governments about almost everything from wars to others matter. I cannot be more wrong! What a disappointment. Orson Wells was trying to warning us about the fourth power, the media [even if the dispute is re-opened about HERE] and the threat it may be against the democracy which has been for so long already been offended with lies and manipulations. Unfortunately, it isn't easy, myself, as a freelance journalist, I have learned from to struggle to delivery reports which aren't in line with the memento because editors cannot sell other then what it's sellable the news, reports aren't important over the profit! That's means, doesn't matter what really happen, it's all about what's sellable and doesn't matter about truth or reality, that's rubbish which will, eventually, ending in the trash. The reality is so evident from inside by now and so scary more then ever, because, we all be sold stories which were made to cover up many dirty works, the Watergate and many more scandals and cover-up today the Russiagate tomorrow something else, manipulation in elections and referendum (ref:- BREXIT mess); then more and more and so on but this site will not give up. This site will stand and stick against such establishments, will work with others out there which are believing in the same values like us.


This is a no-political site and support many charities which you are welcome to help [find out more HERE] even with few cents, you can be a hero, a real one as you may save a little child from die by starvation and more. We don't earning anything over the charities we only love to help.

Those are our values you are welcome to join in the fight for your right and for the democracy!

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